Valuation + Appraisal

Our experts can answer the questions across the board. With expertise in business valuation, real estate appraisal, and equipment appraisal in multiple venues, we can provide the total solution or fill in your other experts’ gaps for most purposes. We stand behind our reports and are prepared to defend our opinions with testimony and value added consulting services in state, federal, and tax courts.

Forensics + Damages

We’re not your run of the mill forensic accounting firm. Our education and experience in finance and accounting prevents the lopsided viewpoint from single disciplines. We can dig deep or focus on the overall conceptual issues rather than selling you the same solution for every case. We’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your budget and gets you the information you need.

Consulting + Advisory

Our diverse education and experience is at your disposal with complex accounting and financial decisions, both quantitative and qualitative. Deep roots in litigation and compliance work make us well suited to be a trusted adviser. Don’t wait for things to awry before giving us a call. If you know you need an expert but are not sure exactly what to have them do, give us a call.

Ready to solve your problem?

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