M&A Price vs. Terms

In mergers and acquisitions, the gap between how much the seller expects to receive and how much the buyer is willing to pay can be bridged by incorporating creative options into the purchase agreement. But it’s important to understand the financial implications.

Hidden Assets in Divorce

When high net worth individuals file for divorce, both sides have an incentive to hide assets owned during the marriage. This indicates that inventorying the marital estate should occur right away.

A Primer on Economic Damages

The purpose of economic damage calculations are to provide an opinion, in dollars, that will make the plaintiff “whole” again “but for” the defendant’s actions. Calculation of this amount rests upon numerous factors . Economic damage calculations may include lost profits, diminished business value, or both.

Valuing Undivided Fractional Interests

Undivided fractional interests in real estate, such as tenancy-in-common (TIC) interests, present valuation challenges. It can be much more complicated than multiplying an owner’s interest percentage by the real estate’s appraised value for the property as a whole.

Collaborative Divorce

Since the concept of “collaborative divorce” was introduced in the 1990s, it’s been gaining momentum as a creative, cost-effective alternative to the traditionally adversarial divorce process.

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